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    for your research data
    Dryad is a community-owned resource
    Learn more about our organizational memberships

    How it works


    Use your ORCiD. If your institution is a Dryad member, connect to your existing credentials.


    Whether or not your data are related to an article, upload your data files and receive a citable DOI.


    Our curators will check through your submission to ensure the data are usable. They may contact you with advice or questions.


    Cite and promote your data publication!

    Why use Dryad?

    Any field. Any format. Submit data in any file format from any field of research. Share all of the data from a project in one place.
    Quality control and assistance. Our curators will check your files before they are released, and help you follow best practices.
    Straightforward compliance. Submit your data to satisfy publisher and funder requirements for preservation and availability with a minimum of effort. We work directly with many publishers -- including Wiley, The Royal Society, and PLOS -- to streamline the process.
    Community-led. Dryad is a nonprofit membership organization that is committed to making data available for research and educational reuse now and into the future. Modest Data Publishing Charges help ensure our sustainability.

    Most recent datasets

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