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2020. Freeman, Ben, Scholer, Micah, Boehm, Mannfred, Heavyside, Julian, and Schluter, Dolph. Are rates of biotic interactions are stronger in the tropics? Here we investigate nest predation rates in birds, a canonical example of a strong tr... The American Naturalist. University of British Columbia.
2020. Csillery, Katalin, Buchmann, Nina, and Fady, Bruno. Drought is one of the most important selection pressures for forest trees in the context of climate change. Yet, the different evolutionary mechani... Evolutionary Applications. Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL*, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment.
2020. Stepanova, Natasha and Womack, Molly C. Tetrapod limbs have been used as a model system to investigate how selective pressures and constraints shape morphological evolution. Anurans have ... Evolution. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and National Museum of Natural History.
2020. Merlo, Lauren, Sprouffske, Kathleen, Howard, Taylor, Gardiner, Kristin, Caulin, Aleah, Blum, Steven, Evans, Perry, Bedalov, Antonio, Sniegowski, Paul, and Maley, Carlo. Background and objectives: Beneficial mutations that arise in an evolving asexual population may compete or interact in ways that alter the overall... Evolutionary Applications. Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, Novartis (Switzerland), University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University of Pennsylvania, PEEL Therapeutics*, Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Arizona State University.
2020. Gupta, Animesh, Soto, Anechelle N., Medina, Sarah J., Petrie, Katherine L., and Meyer, Justin R. An important driver of viral evolution is natural selection to optimize the use of their hosts’ genetic network. To learn how viruses respond to th... Evolution. University of California, San Diego.
2019. Roth-Monzón, Andrea J, Belk, Mark C, Zú?iga-Vega, J. Jaime, and Johnson, Jerald B. Competition has long been recognized as a central force in shaping evolution, particularly through character displacement. Yet research on characte... The American Naturalist. Brigham Young University and National Autonomous University of Mexico.
2020. Rayner, Jack, Schneider, Will, and Bailey, Nathan. Evolutionary loss of sexual signals is widespread. Examining the consequences for behaviours associated with such signals can provide insight into ... University of St Andrews and University of Cambridge.
2019. Briscoe Runquist, Ryan, Gorton, Amanda, Yoder, Jeremy, Deacon, Nicholas, Grossman, Jake, Kothari, Shan, Lyons, Marta, Sheth, Seema, Tiffin, Peter, and Moeller, David. Understanding how spatially-variable selection shapes adaptation is an area of longstanding interest in evolutionary ecology. Recent meta-analyses ... The American Naturalist. University of Minnesota, California State University, Northridge, Harvard University, University of Central Florida, and North Carolina State University.
2018. Kordonowy, Lauren and MacManes, Matthew. Background: The understanding of genomic and physiological mechanisms related to how organisms living in extreme environments survive and reproduce... BMC Genomics. University of New Hampshire at Manchester.
2019. Cortés, Andrés J. and Blair, Matthew W. Drought will reduce global crop production by >10% in 2050 substantially worsening global malnutrition. Breeding for resistance to drought will req... Frontiers in Plant Science. University of Gothenburg and Tennessee State University.