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2020. Morel-Journel, Thibaut. Phenotypic plasticity is increasingly recognized as a key element of eco-evolutionary dynamics, but it remains challenging to assess because of its... Functional Ecology. Oniris.
2020. Bonamour, Suzanne, Chevin, Luis-Miguel, Reale, Denis, Teplitsky, Celine, and Charmantier, Anne. Life-history traits are often plastic in response to environmental factors such as temperature or precipitation, and they also vary with age in man... Journal of Animal Ecology. University of Montpellier and University of Quebec at Montreal.
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2020. Wu, Jihua, Zhang, Youzheng, Li, Bo, and Pennings, Steven. Aim: Introduced species may display or foster novel latitudinal clines because they are not well adapted to their new habitats. We tested the hypot... Diversity and Distributions. Fudan University and University of Houston.
2019. Rescan, Marie, Grulois, Daphné, Ortega-Aboud, Enrique, and Chevin, Luis-Miguel. Random environmental fluctuations pose major threats?to wild populations. As patterns of environmental noise are themselves altered by global chang... Nature Ecology & Evolution. Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive.
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2018. Firman, Renée C., Garcia-Gonzalez, Francisco, Simmons, Leigh W., and Andre, Goncalo I. Due to the physiological cost of sperm production, males are expected to be prudent in their expenditure and adjust their investment according to c... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Western Australia.
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