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2019. Gyllenhaal, Ethan, Mapel, Xena, Naikatini, Alivereti, Moyle, Robert, and Andersen, Michael. Islands were key to the development of allopatric speciation theory because they are a natural laboratory of repeated barriers to gene flow caused ... Molecular Ecology. University of New Mexico, University of the South Pacific, and University of Kansas.
2019. Campagna, Leonardo, Kopuchian, Cecilia, Lijtmaer, Darío A., Cabanne, Gustavo S., García, Natalia C., Lavinia, Pablo D., Tubaro, Pablo L., Lovette, Irby, and Di Giacomo, Adrián S. The riverine barrier hypothesis proposes that large rivers represent geographic barriers to gene flow for terrestrial organisms, leading to populat... Molecular Ecology. Cornell University, National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum, and National University of the Littoral.
2019. Ostevik, Kate, Samuk, Kieran, and Rieseberg, Loren. Mapping the chromosomal rearrangements between species can inform our understanding of genome evolution, reproductive isolation, and speciation. He... 0016-6731. Duke University and University of British Columbia.
2019. Lavretsky, Philip, Rotzel McInerney, Nancy, Mohl, Jonathon, Brown, Joshua, James, Helen, McCracken, Kevin, and Fleischer, Robert. Along with manipulating habitat, the direct release of domesticated individuals into the wild is a practice used world-wide to augment wildlife pop... Molecular Ecology. The University of Texas at El Paso, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Prirodnjacki Muzej Crne Gore, and University of Miami.
2019. Huang, Jen-Pan. Molecular species delimitation using the multi-species coalescent model has become common for statistically and objectively determining species lim... Insect Systematics and Diversity.
2013. Grant, Peter R. and Grant, B. Rosemary. This data package contains the data used in constructing the figures of the book.
2014. Wachter, Gregor, Schlick-Steiner, Birgit, Steiner, Florian, and Arthofer, Wolfgang. Harvestmen or daddy longlegs (Opiliones) are the third-largest and one of the oldest arachnid groups, and in recent years, there has been an increa... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of Innsbruck and Queensland University of Technology.
2017. May, Michael R., Hoehna, Sebastian, and Moore, Brian R. The paleontological record chronicles numerous episodes of mass extinction that severely culled the Tree of Life. Biologists have long sought to as... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. University of California, Davis, University of California System, and Stockholm University.
2013. Papadopulos, Alexander S. T., Price, Zuzana, Devaux, Celine, Hipperson, Helen, Smadja, Carole M., Hutton, Ian, Baker, William J., Butlin, Roger K., Savolainen, Vincent, Price, Z., Hipperson, H., Butlin, R. K., and Baker, W. J. On Lord Howe Island, speciation is thought to have taken place in situ in a diverse array of distantly related plant taxa (Metrosideros, Howea and ... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Imperial College London, Lord Howe Island Museum; Lord Howe Island; NSW; Australia*, Royal Botanic Gardens, and University of Sheffield.
2018. Irwin, Darren E., Milá, Borja, Toews, David P. L., Brelsford, Alan, Kenyon, Haley L., Porter, Alison N., Grossen, Christine, Delmore, Kira E., Alcaide, Miguel, and Irwin, Jessica H. Detailed evaluations of genomic variation between sister species often reveal distinct chromosomal regions of high relative differentiation (i.e., ... Molecular Ecology. University of British Columbia, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Cornell University, University of California System, Queen's University, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, and Simon Fraser University.