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2019. Lycett, Samantha J., Duchatel, Florian, and Digard, Paul. In 1918, a strain of influenza A virus caused a human pandemic resulting in the deaths of 50 million people. A century later, with the advent of se... Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. Roslin Institute.
2013. Spottiswoode, Claire N. and Spottiswoode, C. N. Many brood parasitic birds lay eggs that mimic their hosts' eggs in appearance. This typically arises from selection from discriminating hosts that... Biology Letters. University of Cambridge.
2017. Schlaich, Almut E., Bouten, Willem, Bretagnolle, Vincent, Heldbjerg, Henning, Klaassen, Raymond H. G., S?rensen, Iben H., Villers, Alexandre, and Both, Christiaan. Long-distance migrants are particularly recognized for the distances covered on migration, yet little is known about the distances they cover durin... Biology Letters. Dutch Montagu's Harrier Foundation, PO Box 46, 9679ZG Scheemda, The Netherlands*, University of Amsterdam, French National Centre for Scientific Research, DOF-BirdLife Denmark, Vesterbrogade 140, 1620 Copenhagen V, Denmark*, and University of Groningen.
2016. Copes, Lynn E., Lucas, Lynn M., Thostenson, James D., Hoekstra, Hopi E., and Boyer, Douglas M. A dataset of high-resolution microCT scans of primate skulls (crania and mandibles) and certain postcranial elements was collected to address quest... Scientific Data. Arizona State University, Duke University, and Harvard University.
2017. Svenson, Gavin, Rodrigues, Henrique M., and Svenson, Gavin J. Recent phylogenetic advances have uncovered remarkable biogeographic histories that have challenged traditional concepts of dispersal, vicariance a... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
2019. Sosef, Marc, Gereau, Roy E., Janssens, Steven B., Kompanyi, Modestine, and Sim?es, Ana R. The polymorphic genus Merremia Dennst. ex Endl. has been shown to be polyphyletic. In 1980, Xenostegia D.F.Austin & Staples was separated from the ... Systematic Botany.
2019. Briedis, Martins, Bauer, Silke, Adamik, Peter, Alves, José A., Costa, Joana S., Emmenegger, Tamara, Gustafsson, Lars, Kole?ek, Jaroslav, Liechti, Felix, Meier, Christoph M., Prochazka, Petr, and Hahn, Steffen. In many taxa, the most common form of sex-biased migration timing is protandry – the earlier arrival of males at breeding areas. Here we test this ... Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Swiss Ornithological Institute, Palacky University, Olomouc, University of Aveiro, Uppsala University, and Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
2018. Smitz, Nathalie, Jouvenet, Olivia, Ambwene Ligate, Fredrick, Crosmary, William-George, Ikanda, Dennis, Chardonnet, Philippe, Fusari, Alessandro, Meganck, Kenny, Gillet, Fran?ois, Melletti, Mario, and Michaux, Johan R. The African lion (Panthera leo), listed as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (Appendix II of CITES), is mainly impact... PLOS ONE. Royal Museum for Central Africa, University of Liège, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Fondation Internationale pour la Gestion de la Faune (IGF), Paris, France*, Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, African Buffalo Initiative Group (AfBIG), IUCN/SSC/ASG, Rome, Italy*, and Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement.
2017. Massey, N. Claire, Garrod, Gala, Wiebe, Antoinette, Henry, Andrew J., Huang, Zhi, Moyes, Catherine L., and Sinka, Marianne E. Anopheles mosquitoes were first recognised as the transmitters of human malaria in the late 19th Century and have been subject to a huge amount of ... Scientific Data. Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics and University of Oxford.
2014. Leaché, Adam D., Wagner, Philipp, Linkem, Charles W., B?hme, Wolfgang, Papenfuss, Theodore J., Chong, Rebecca A., Lavin, Brian R., Bauer, Aaron M., Nielsen, Stuart V., Greenbaum, Eli, R?del, Mark-Oliver, Schmitz, Andreas, LeBreton, Matthew, Ineich, Ivan, Chirio, Laurent, Ofori-Boateng, Caleb, Eniang, Edem A., Baha El Din, Sherif, Lemmon, Alan R., and Burbrink, Frank T. Africa is renowned for its biodiversity and endemicity, yet little is known about the factors shaping them across the continent. African Agama liza... Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. University of Washington, Villanova University, University of California System, Colorado State University, Sonoma State University, University of Mississippi, Natural History Museum of Geneva, University of Uyo, Florida State University, and College of Staten Island.