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2020. Hayward, Jessica, Kelly-Smith, Maria, Boyko, Adam, Burmeister, Louise, De Risio, Luisa, Mellersh, Cathryn, Freeman, Julia, and Strain, George. Congenital deafness in the domestic dog is usually related to the presence of white pigmentation, which is controlled primarily by the piebald locu... PLOS ONE. Cornell University, Louisiana State University, and Animal Health Trust.
2020. Lopez-Sepulcre, Andres, Bruneaux, Matthieu, Collins, Sarah Michelle, El-Sabaawi, Rana, Flecker, Alexander S, and Thomas, Steven A. Understanding how nutrients flow through food webs is central in ecosystem ecology. Tracer addition experiments are powerful tools to reconstruct n... The American Naturalist. Washington University in St. Louis, University of Jyv?skyl?, University of Wyoming, University of Victoria, Cornell University, and University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
2020. Cohen, Emily, Buler, Jeffrey, Horton, Kyle, Farnsworth, Andrew, Marra, Peter, Clipp, Hannah, Smolinsky, Jaclyn, and Sheldon, Daniel. Migrating birds require en route habitats to rest and refuel. Yet habitat use has never been integrated with passage to understand factors that det... Ecology Letters. University of Maryland Center For Environmental Sciences, University of Delaware, Colorado State University, Cornell University, Georgetown University, and University of Massachusetts Amherst.
2019. Campagna, Leonardo, Kopuchian, Cecilia, Lijtmaer, Darío A., Cabanne, Gustavo S., García, Natalia C., Lavinia, Pablo D., Tubaro, Pablo L., Lovette, Irby, and Di Giacomo, Adrián S. The riverine barrier hypothesis proposes that large rivers represent geographic barriers to gene flow for terrestrial organisms, leading to populat... Molecular Ecology. Cornell University, National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum, and National University of the Littoral.
2019. G. Gaiotti, Milene, Webster, Michael, and Macedo, Regina. Most of the diversity of in the mating systems of birds and other animals come at higher taxonomic levels, such as across orders. Although divergen... University of Brasília and Cornell University.
2020. Clink, Dena, Ahmad, Abdul Hamid, and Klinck, Holger. Evidence for compression, or minimization of code length, has been found across biological systems from genomes to human language and music. Two li... Royal Society Open Science. Cornell University and Universiti of Malaysia Sabah.
2020. Mason, Nicholas, Fletcher, Nicholas, Gill, Brian, Funk, Chris, and Zamudio, Kelly. Species are a fundamental unit of biodiversity that are delimited via genetic data and coalescent-based methods with increasing frequency. Despite ... Systematics and Biodiversity. University of California, Berkeley, Cornell University, and Colorado State University.
2020. Littman, Raechel, Fiorenza, Evan, Wenger, Amelia, Berry, Kathryn, van de Water, Jeroen, Nguyen, Lily, Aung, Soe Tint, Parker, Daniel, Rader, Douglas, Harvell, C. Drew, and Lamb, Joleah. Seafood is one of the leading imported products implicated in foodborne outbreaks worldwide. Coastal marine environments are being increasingly sub... Science of the Total Environment. University of California, Irvine, University of Queensland, James Cook University,, Fauna & Flora International, Environmental Defense Fund, and Cornell University.
2020. Cramer, Emily, Kaiser, Sara Ann, Webster, Mike S, and Ryder, T Brandt. Sexual selection studies widely estimate several metrics, but values may be inaccurate because standard field methods for studying wild populations... The American Naturalist. Cornell University and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.
2019. Booth, Michael, Hairston, Nelson, and Flecker, Alex. Ecosystem engineers engineering can control the spatial and temporal distribution of resources and movement by engineering organisms within an ecos... Oikos. University of Cincinnati and Cornell University.