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2020. Powers, Jennifer, Vargas-G, German, Brodribb, Timothy, Schwartz, Naomi, Perez-Aviles, Daniel, Smith-Martin, Chris, Becknell, Justin, Aureli, Filippo, Blanco, Roger, Calderón-Morales, Erick, Calvo-Alvarado, Julio César, Calvo-Obando, Ana Julieta, Chavarría, María Marta, Carvajal-Vanegas, Dorian, Jiménez-Rodríguez, César Dionisio, Murillo Chacon, Evin, Schaffner, Colleen, Werden, Leland, Xu, Xiangtao, and Medvigy, David. Drought-related tree mortality is now a widespread phenomenon predicted to increase in magnitude with climate change. However, the patterns of whic... Global Change Biology. University of Minnesota, University of Tasmania, University of British Columbia, Colby College, Liverpool John Moores University, A?rea de Conservacio?n Guanacaste*, Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Universidad Veracruzana, Harvard University, and University of Notre Dame.
2020. Griebling, Hannah, Rios-Cardenas, Oscar, Abbott, Jessica, and Morris, Molly. The sexes may have different optima in cognitive traits due to differences in life history strategies and the expense of investing in metabolically... Animal Behaviour. University of British Columbia, Instituto de Ecología, Lund University, and Ohio University.
2020. Freeman, Ben, Scholer, Micah, Boehm, Mannfred, Heavyside, Julian, and Schluter, Dolph. Are rates of biotic interactions are stronger in the tropics? Here we investigate nest predation rates in birds, a canonical example of a strong tr... The American Naturalist. University of British Columbia.
2019. Ostevik, Kate, Samuk, Kieran, and Rieseberg, Loren. Mapping the chromosomal rearrangements between species can inform our understanding of genome evolution, reproductive isolation, and speciation. He... 0016-6731. Duke University and University of British Columbia.
2018. F?ldváry Li?ina, Veronika, Cheung, Toby, Zhang, Hui, de Dear, Richard, Parkinson, Thomas, Arens, Edward, Chun, Chungyoon, Schiavon, Stefano, Luo, Maohui, Brager, Gail, Li, Peixian, and Kaam, Soazig. Recognizing the value of open-source research databases in advancing the art and science of HVAC, in 2014 the ASHRAE Global Thermal Comfort Databas... University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore, University of Sydney, Yonsei University, and University of British Columbia.
2019. Irwin, Darren. Partial prezygotic isolation is often viewed as more important than partial postzygotic isolation (low fitness of hybrids) early in the process of ... 1537-5323. University of British Columbia.
2020. Birch, Joseph D., Simard, Suzanne, Beiler, Kevin, and Karst, Justine. 1. Mycorrhizal networks are conduits for the transfer of resources between hosts. While ectomycorrhizal networks (EMN) are known to influence seedl... Journal of Ecology. University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, and Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development.
2020. Tattersall, Erin R., Burgar, Joanna M., Fisher, Jason T., and Burton, A. Cole. Interspecific interactions are an integral aspect of ecosystem functioning that may be disrupted in an increasingly anthropocentric world. Industri... 2045-7758. University of British Columbia and University of Victoria.
2020. Beck, Jackson, Cale, Jon, Rodriguez-Ramos, Jean, Kanekar, Sanat, Karst, Justine, Cahill, James, Simard, Suzanne, and Erbilgin, Nadir. Summary 1. Disturbances are frequent events across the Canadian boreal forest and can affect both below and above ground ecosystem processes. How d... Journal of Applied Ecology. University of Alberta and University of British Columbia.
2020. Barbic, David. Background Moral injury is an emerging explanation of burnout and suicidality, but remains poorly quantified in at-risk practitioners. We hypoth... BMJ Open. University of British Columbia.