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2019. Dussex, Nicolas, Kutschera, Verena E., Wiberg, R. Axel W., Parker, Darren, Hunt, Gavin, Gray, Russell D., Rutherford, Kim, Hideaki, Abe, Fleischer, Robert, Rutz, Christian, Ritchie, Michael G., Wolf, Jochen B.W., and Gemmell, Neil J. GFF3 file with protein-coding gne predictions for the C. moneduloides de novo genome assembly (available at the National Center for Biotechnology I... Swedish Museum of Natural History, Uppsala University, University of St Andrews, University of Auckland, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Queens College, CUNY, Kyoto University Hospital, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and L’Institut de Biologie et Technologies.
2020. Ferm, Julia and St?hl, Bertil. Based on analyses of new and previously published ETS, ITS and trnL-trnF DNA-sequences, a revised classification of the neotropical legume genus Za... Uppsala University.
2019. Vilaplana, Eduard, Rodriguez-Vieitez, Elena, Ferreira, Daniel, Montal, Victor, Almkvist, Ove, Wall, Anders, Lleo, Alberto, Westman, Eric, Graff, Caroline, Fortea, Juan, and Nordberg, Agneta. Objective?To study the macrostructural and microstructural MRI correlates of brain astrocytosis, measured with?11C-deuterium-L-deprenyl (11C-DED)–P... Neurology. Autonomous University of Barcelona, Karolinska Institute, and Uppsala University.
2017. Fountain, Toby, Husby, Arild, Nonaka, Etsuko, DiLeo, Michelle F., Korhonen, Janne H., Rastas, Pasi, Schulz, Torsti, Saastamoinen, Marjo, and Hanski, Ilkka. Dispersal is important for determining both a species ecological processes, such as population viability, and its evolutionary processes, like gene... Evolutionary Applications. University of Helsinki, Uppsala University, Lund University, Aalto University, and University of Cambridge.
2018. Sundberg, Henrik, Ekman, Stefan, and Kruys, ?sa. 1. We have developed a reliable technique for extracting DNA from single microscopic fungal thalli, including efficient cell disruption and transfe... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Uppsala University.
2017. Tye, Matthew R., Menges, Eric S., Weekley, Carl, Quintana-Ascencio, Pedro F., Salguero-Gómez, Roberto, and Tye, Matthew. Natural and anthropogenic disturbances co-occur in most systems, but how they interact to shape demographic outcomes remains poorly understood. Suc... Journal of Ecology. University of Central Florida, Uppsala University, University of Sheffield, Archbold Biological Station, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, and University of Queensland.
2016. Lu, Jing, Zhu, Min, Ahlberg, Per Erik, Qiao, Tuo, Zhu, You’an, Zhao, Wenjin, and Jia, Liantao. Crown or modern sarcopterygians (coelacanths, lungfishes, and tetrapods) differ substantially from stem sarcopterygians, such as Guiyu and Psarolep... Science Advances. Chinese Academy of Sciences and Uppsala University.
2015. Humble, E., Martinez-Barrio, A., Forcada, J., Trathan, P.N., Thorne, M.A.S., Hoffmann, M., Wolf, J. B W., Hoffman, J.I., Hoffman, J. I., Trathan, P. N., Thorne, M. A. S., and Wolf, J. B. W. Custom genotyping arrays provide a flexible and accurate means of genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in a large number of individual... Molecular Ecology Resources. Bielefeld University, British Antarctic Survey, Uppsala University, and Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology.
2019. Briedis, Martins, Bauer, Silke, Adamik, Peter, Alves, José A., Costa, Joana S., Emmenegger, Tamara, Gustafsson, Lars, Kole?ek, Jaroslav, Liechti, Felix, Meier, Christoph M., Prochazka, Petr, and Hahn, Steffen. In many taxa, the most common form of sex-biased migration timing is protandry – the earlier arrival of males at breeding areas. Here we test this ... Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Swiss Ornithological Institute, Palacky University, Olomouc, University of Aveiro, Uppsala University, and Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
2018. Kool, Anneleen and Thulin, Mats. The only member of the generally herbaceous family Caryophyllaceae that may grow to a small tree is Sanctambrosia manicata, endemic to remote San A... Taxon. University of Oslo and Uppsala University.