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2020. Peris, Ana, Devineau, Olivier, Pr?bel, Kim, Kahilainen, Kimmo K., and ?stbye, Kjartan. Adaptive radiation is the diversification of species to different ecological niches and has repeatedly occurred in different salmonid fish of postg... Ecology and Evolution. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Arctic University of Norway, and University of Helsinki.
2020. Orr, Russell, Sannum, Maja, Boessenkool, Sanne, Di Martino, Emanuela, Gordon, Dennis, Mello, Hannah, Obst, Matthias, Ramsfjell, Mali, Smith, Abigail, and Liow, Lee-Hsiang. Resolution of relationships at lower taxonomic levels is crucial for answering many evolutionary questions, and as such, sufficiently varied specie... Ecology and Evolution. University of Oslo, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, University of Otago, and University of Gothenburg.
2020. Roquer-Beni, Laura, Bosch, Jordi, Rodrigo, Anselm, Arnan, Xavier, Klein, Alexandra-Maria, Fornoff, Felix, and Boreux, Virginie. 1. Hairiness is a salient trait of insect pollinators that has been linked to thermoregulation, pollen uptake and transportation, and pollination s... Ecology and Evolution. Centre for Research on Ecology and Forestry Applications and University of Freiburg.
2020. Mather, Niklas, Ho, Simon, and Traves, Samuel. A common goal of population genomics and molecular ecology is to reconstruct the demographic history of a species of interest. A pair of powerful t... Ecology and Evolution. University of Sydney and University of Surrey.
2020. Pitchford, Steven, Smith, Brian E., and McBride, Richard. Conventional observations show spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthius Linnaeus) rarely eat Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua Linnaeus; 0.02% of stomachs) in the... Ecology and Evolution. Northeast Fisheries Science Center.
2020. Balfour, Vicki, Black, Daniella, and Shuker, David. The evolution of reproductive isolation lies at the heart of understanding the process of speciation. Of particular interest is the relationship be... Ecology and Evolution. University of St Andrews.
2020. Haines, Grant, Stuart, Yoel, Hanson, Dieta, Tasneem, Tania, Bolnick, Daniel, Larsson, Hans, and Hendry, Andrew. Recent methodological advances have led to a rapid expansion of evolutionary studies employing three-dimensional landmark-based geometric morphomet... Ecology and Evolution. McGill University, Loyola University Chicago, Austin Independent School District, and University of Connecticut.
2020. Hastings, Kelly. The duration of offspring care is critical to female fitness and population resilience by allowing flexibility in life history strategies in a vari... Ecology and Evolution. Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
2020. Durif, Caroline, Diserud, Ola, V?llestad, Leif Asbj?rn, Sandlund, Odd Terje, Thorstad, Eva, Bergesen, Knut, Poole, Russell, Shema, Steven, and Escobar-Lux, Rosa. The European eel (Anguilla anguilla) is critically endangered throughout its range. Knowledge about age distribution of future spawners (silver eel... Ecology and Evolution. Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, University of Oslo, Marine Institute, and Grotti ehf.*.
2020. Macías-Duarte, Alberto, Conway, Courtney, and Culver, Melanie. Population structure across a species distribution primarily reflects historical, ecological and evolutionary processes. However, large-scale conte... Ecology and Evolution. University of Arizona and United States Geological Survey.