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2020. Faller, Roland, Bernardi, Austen, Huang, Yihan, Harris, Bradley, Xiong, Yongao, Nandi, Somen, and McDonald, Karen. These are initial and final (75ns) configurations in PDB format of??glycosylated ACE2-FC fusion proteins which are promising targets for a COVID-19... PLOS ONE. University of California, Davis.
2017. Oono, Ryoko. High-throughput sequencing technology has helped microbial community ecologists explore ecological and evolutionary patterns at unprecedented scale... PLOS ONE. University of California, Santa Barbara.
2020. Hayward, Jessica, Kelly-Smith, Maria, Boyko, Adam, Burmeister, Louise, De Risio, Luisa, Mellersh, Cathryn, Freeman, Julia, and Strain, George. Congenital deafness in the domestic dog is usually related to the presence of white pigmentation, which is controlled primarily by the piebald locu... PLOS ONE. Cornell University, Louisiana State University, and Animal Health Trust.
2020. Hari Prasad, Hari Krishna, Vaddi, Ravi Sankar, Chukewad, Yogesh, Dedic, Elma, Novosselov, Igor, and Fuller, Sawyer. To date, insect scale robots capable of controlled flight have used flapping wings for generating lift, but this requires a complex and failure-pro... PLOS ONE. University of Washington.
2020. Howlett, Jonathon and Paulus, Martin. In decision-making situations individuals rarely have complete information available to select the best option and often show decisional randomness... PLOS ONE. University of California, San Diego and Laureate Institute for Brain Research.
2020. Chen, Xiaoning, You, Ping, Wang, Biao, and Nie, Jianzhen. In this study, two parasites on the fins of?Homatula variegata?were recorded from March to September 2016. A dissection mirror was used to examine ... PLOS ONE. Shaanxi Normal University.
2020. Vijayakumar Sreelatha, Harikrishnan, Abelson, Klas, K Krishnan, Lissy, Palekkodan, Hamza, and Fasaludeen, Ansar. This study focused on acute and chronic effects of the recently established Dental Burr Assisted (DBA) technique to perform laminectomy at T10-T11 ... PLOS ONE. University of Copenhagen, Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, and Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University*.
2020. FAYE, Mane Hélène, Diémé, Marie-Madeleine A, Idohou-Dossou, Nicole, Badiane, Abdou, Diouf, Adama, Ndiaye Ndome, Ndeye Magatte, and Tanumihardjo, Sherry A. Vitamin A supplementation (VAS) in 6-59 month old children is recommended but its?sustainability is?currently questioned.?In Senegal,?data suggest ... PLOS ONE. Cheikh Anta Diop University, Région Médicale de Dakar, Ministry of Health of Senegal**, and University of Wisconsin–Madison.
2020. Bond, Matthew and Gaoue, Orou. Human subsistence societies have thrived in environmental extremes while maintaining biodiversity through social learning of ecological knowledge, ... PLOS ONE. University of Hawaii at Manoa and University of Tennessee Knoxville*.
2019. Paterson, Terrill, Proffitt, Kelly, Rotella, Jay, and Garrott, Robert. Understanding the dynamics of ungulate populations is critical given their ecological and economic importance. In particular, the ability to evalua... PLOS ONE. Montana State University.