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2020. Oktaviyanti, Nina Dewi, Kartini, Kartini, Hadiyat, Mochammad Arbi, Rachmawati, Ellen, Wijaya, Andre Chandra, Hayun, Hayun, and Mun'im, Abdul. In this study, an environmentally friendly extraction method for flavonoid compound from Ixora javanica as a new raw material candidate for herbal ... Royal Society Open Science. University of Surabaya and University of Indonesia.
2019. Bartolucci, Silvia and Kirilenko, Andrei. In the modelling we assume that crypto assets differ by two essential features:?security?(technological) and?stability?(governance). Investors make... Royal Society Open Science. Imperial College London and University of Cambridge.
2020. Funston, Gregory, Chinzorig, Tsogtbaatar, Tsogtbaatar, Khishigjav, Kobayashi, Yoshitsugu, Sullivan, Corwin, and Currie, Philip. Late Cretaceous trends in Asian dinosaur diversity are poorly understood, but recent discoveries have documented a radiation of oviraptorosaur ther... Royal Society Open Science. University of Edinburgh, Institute of Paleontology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Ulaanbaatar*, Hokkaido University Museum, Hokkaido University*, and University of Alberta.
2020. Zhang, Zhiqiang, Liang, Huiqi, Wei, Peizi, and Cui, Changhui. The oscillatory behavior of the center of mass (CoM) and the ground reaction forces (GRFs) of walking people can be successfully explained by a 2D ... Royal Society Open Science. Southeast University.
2020. Wang, Xiangyu, Wu, Bowen, Bai, Jianbiao, Wu, Wenda, Meng, Ningkang, and Lin, Huasheng. High pre-tension bolt is an effective strata control technique and is the key to ensure the stability of anchorage and roadway. Based on the perfor... Royal Society Open Science. China University of Mining and Technology and .
2020. CHIN, KIT LING, H'NG, PAIK SAN, WONG, WAN ZHEN, LEE, CHUAN LI, GO, WEN ZE, KHOO, PUI SAN, ABDULLAH CHUAH, LUQMAN, and ASHAARI, ZAIDON. The success of microbial termiticides in controlling termites depends on the ability of microbes to grow in different medium and the functionality ... Royal Society Open Science. Universiti Putra Malaysia.
2020. Mujib, Shakir Bin, Mukherjee, Santanu, Ren, Zongkan, and Singh, Gurpreet. Two dimensional (2D) materials have elicited considerable interest in the past decade due to a diverse array of novel properties ranging from high ... Royal Society Open Science. Kansas State University.
2020. Luo, Shengxu and Wang, Zheng. Nanoscale zero-valent iron (NZVI) has a high adsorption capacity for heavy metals, but easily forms aggregates. Herein, preprocessed undulating ven... Royal Society Open Science. Hainan University.
2020. Rasool, Shafqat, Raza, Muhammad Akram, and Kanwal, Zakia. Here, we report biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) using aqueous extracts of (i) Azadirachta indica leaves and (ii) Citrullus colocynthis... Royal Society Open Science. University of the Punjab and Lahore College for Women University.
2019. Perry, Chris, Morgan, Kyle, Lange, Ines, and Yarlett, Rob. The ecological impacts of coral bleaching on reef communities are well documented, but resultant impacts upon reef-derived sediment supply are poor... Royal Society Open Science. University of Exeter.