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2020. Lopez-Sepulcre, Andres, Bruneaux, Matthieu, Collins, Sarah Michelle, El-Sabaawi, Rana, Flecker, Alexander S, and Thomas, Steven A. Understanding how nutrients flow through food webs is central in ecosystem ecology. Tracer addition experiments are powerful tools to reconstruct n... The American Naturalist. Washington University in St. Louis, University of Jyv?skyl?, University of Wyoming, University of Victoria, Cornell University, and University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
2020. Eliason, Chad, McCullough, Jenna, Andersen, Michael, and Hackett, Shannon. Niche expansion is a critical step in the speciation process. Large brains linked to improved cognitive ability may enable species to expand their ... The American Naturalist. Field Museum of Natural History and University of New Mexico.
2020. Freeman, Ben, Scholer, Micah, Boehm, Mannfred, Heavyside, Julian, and Schluter, Dolph. Are rates of biotic interactions are stronger in the tropics? Here we investigate nest predation rates in birds, a canonical example of a strong tr... The American Naturalist. University of British Columbia.
2020. Fay, Rémi. Age-related variation in demographic performance is central for the understanding of population dynamics and evolutionary processes. Our understand... The American Naturalist. Swiss Ornithological Institute.
2019. Martinez Suarez, Juan Gabriel, Molina-Morales, Mercedes, Precioso, Marta, and Miguel Avilés, Jesus. When the strength or nature of a host -parasite interaction changes over the host life cycle, the consequences of parasitism can depend on host pop... The American Naturalist. University of Granada.
2019. Servedio, Maria. Theoretical models often have fundamentally different goals than do empirical studies of the same topic. Models can test the logic of existing hypo... The American Naturalist. University of North Carolina.
2019. Colom, Sara and Baucom, Regina. Although root traits play a critical role in mediating plant-plant interactions and resource acquisition from the soil environment, research examin... The American Naturalist. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor.
2019. Roth-Monzón, Andrea J, Belk, Mark C, Zú?iga-Vega, J. Jaime, and Johnson, Jerald B. Competition has long been recognized as a central force in shaping evolution, particularly through character displacement. Yet research on characte... The American Naturalist. Brigham Young University and National Autonomous University of Mexico.
2020. Trumbo, Stephen, Philbrick, Paula, Stokl, Johannes, and Steiger, Sandra. Microbial volatiles provide essential information for animals, which compete to detect, respond to and perhaps control this information. Burying be... The American Naturalist. University of Connecticut and University of Bayreuth.
2020. Cramer, Emily, Kaiser, Sara Ann, Webster, Mike S, and Ryder, T Brandt. Sexual selection studies widely estimate several metrics, but values may be inaccurate because standard field methods for studying wild populations... The American Naturalist. Cornell University and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.